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Registration Guidelines and Procedures 

• Parents may begin calling on the morning of March 18th to schedule appointments.


• Must Schedule in advance a total of 30 appointments.

• During appointments, parents are required to bring all necessary paperwork for registration. This requirement should be communicated at the time of booking.

• Schedule appointments from April 1st through April 26th.

• Ensure documentation of appointments is recorded in the spreadsheet.

• When registering families, create two copies of all provided paperwork: one for your records and one for the Linden Public Schools (LPS).

• Upon completion of all necessary documentation and registration, mark the first column in the spreadsheet. This indicates that the child is officially enrolled and secured a spot for the 2024-2025 school year.

• If a parent is unable to provide all required paperwork within 5 school days, proceed to the next family and schedule an appointment.

• Reminder: The child must be a resident of Linden and turn three by October 1, 2024.

• If a family resides with another family member, they must complete an affidavit. Please contact the Early Childhood Department, and we will notify Central Registration. Parents should then schedule an appointment with Central Registration to facilitate the process and submit the necessary forms.

• On April 29th, a staff member from the Early Childhood Department will visit your site to collect paperwork. This collection should include all registration documents, including both completed and incomplete packets.

Registered Students

• If parents notify you of their intention to move out of Linden, please promptly inform the Early Childhood Department.


• In the event a child withdraws from your program, please notify the Early Childhood Department, and we will fill the vacancy with a child from the waitlist.


• It is mandatory to record daily attendance and submit it to the Linden Public School Early Childhood Department on a weekly-basis until October 30th, and thereafter on a monthly-basis.

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