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Esther D. Morales

Director of Staff

Esther D. Morales is a dynamic leader known for her unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering spiritual growth within her community. As the director of Building Blocks Day Care Center in Linden, NJ, Esther has brought her passion for education and pastoral care to create a nurturing and enriching environment for children under her care.

About the director

With a background in both education and pastoral ministry, Esther holds Masters Degrees in both fields, equipping her with a unique blend of expertise that she seamlessly integrates into her role. Since assuming her position in 2020, Esther has spearheaded significant changes within the daycare center, focusing on hiring new staff and laying a solid foundation built on collaboration between parents, teachers, and the community.

Beyond her role at Building Blocks Day Care Center, Esther serves as a pastor at the United Methodist Church in Linden, where she extends her dedication to spiritual guidance and community outreach. Her multifaceted leadership style emphasizes empathy, communication, and inclusivity, reflecting her deep-rooted belief in the importance of holistic development and compassionate care.


Esther D. Morales is not only a director and pastor but also a visionary leader who is shaping the future of education and spiritual growth in Linden, NJ, one child and one congregant at a time. Her relentless dedication and unwavering commitment to her calling make her a beacon of inspiration and hope for all who have the privilege of crossing paths with her.

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